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"Just thought that I drop a line too. If you are doing research on where to buy your rug, you have found the best rug store in Atlanta! My wife and I did a lot of research before our major rug purchase from DRW Rugs. they have great quality authentic area rugs and have a huge selection of rugs at significantly lower prices. The least expensive, comparable rug we found at traditional rug retailers was twice the price. They also provide education for people who don't have any clue about oriental rugs in general. they made it so easy to pick what we were looking for without the pussyness of a salesperson. We will definitely be shopping here again!" 


"Shopping for an area rug can be stressful, and time-consuming. I have little tolerance for pushy misleading salespeople, especially those who are unable to provide basic information on the products they are trying to sell. Having done a bit of research on rug characteristics prior to shopping I found most salespeople ill-equipped to handle questions regarding the quality, and value they were attempting to sell. Shopping at DRW was easy, and relaxing and they helped me to pick out the exact rug, and value I wanted. The rug was absolutely beautiful. I loved it, and so did my wife. The cost of the rug was 40-60% less than quoted in local rug stores for an equivalent rug. The savings were significant, and Thomas was great, he NEVER tried to push an immediate sale using shady tactics like lowering the price of  low quality, overpriced rug." 


“We went from knowing nothing at all; to being very confident we were purchasing the exact rug we both wanted for a long time. We learned everything we needed to learn from you. It was an extremely big purchase for us and we had to get it all right. The way you walk people through the process from size to the style and value of the rug was exactly what we needed. When our designer saw the rug she was impressed how we "got the perfect rug without her" and we couldn't have done it without you! Thanks." 


"With no experience whatsoever in area rugs, we set to look for the best rug we could afford. We searched many, many, many stores; we also searched online stores about what they offer. Our third option was DRW. After reviewing all our options, we realized that the best look, quality and price ratio was offered by DRW. We are more than satisfied with the rug we purchased and we encourage anyone who is in the same situation as us to take DRW as their first option!!!!" 


"At first I was a little reluctant to make such a purchase via online venues. However, a friend recommended DRW about the same time I was surfing the web for a feel on quality -vs- cost. Initially I was skeptical. Ultimately, I wound up buying a rug online without seeing the colors in person. – but to my surprise it looked even better than expected when we opened the rug package. The shipping was free and it only took a couple of days to receive after we called in to place the order. I feel like we got a great value. We shopped many retailers for this rug but just could not find the design, color palate or quality we were looking for. Thanks DRW." 


"I wasn’t happy when my husband told me that we couldn’t have the rugs I wanted for our living room & dining room. He told me I had $1,500 to spend, and I thought it was impossible to find two rugs for that price, but luckily I went to DRW ’cause my friend Michelle told me that I could find rugs under $1,000. Now, I thought I was going to have to find some low quality rugs, but thankfully, it wasn’t the case. We found quite a few nice looking rugs within our budget. Some of the rug stores we looked at had similar rugs but, for $3,000 and up, and I was getting discouraged, so when we went to Designer Rug Warehouse, found the same wool rugs priced under $1,000. After all, I was so thankful to save money on area rugs that I decided to help give other people advice on finding fine area rugs under $1,000 so they can." 


"I never thought we would need an area rug especially after ripping up our wall to wall carpet and spending a lot of money to replace it with beautiful hardwood floors… then my wife wanted to cover it up!!! It just didn't make any sense to me but I can say that this was one of the best decisions we made. I had no intention on purchasing a rug to cover up our hardwood floors, however, soon changed my mind after talking to the people where we purchased the wood floors… i found out that a rug will prevent steady foot traffic from wearing the floor .so our hardwood floors will be protected by covering with area rugs. I just wanted to thank you all for all the wonderful work you did! Your rug has made our living room into the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Your in-home service was fast, efficient and very very pleasant! we will be sure to pass the word on about DRW to our friends and family! this rug is more than i imagined it to be, and so much better in our house than what we saw in the store. Everyone needs to know how great all of you are in making the customer feel appreciated and important. our experience with DRW has been great! Thank you so much for making this experience so special! Now my wife is very happy and so am I, keep up the great work! We will come back for more rugs!" 


“Thank you so much for a pleasant rug-buying experience. Thomas was so patient as he helped my husband and I identify the perfect rugs for our keeping room and great room. The option to return the rugs if it didn't work out sealed the deal for us. Fortunately, the rugs did work out . . . perfect size, color, and style for both of the rooms. Again, thank you and we'll definitely be back once we decide on our dining room furniture!” 


“We shopped around both online and rug stores in Atlanta before settling on a rug from Designer Rug Warehouse. We were blown away by the beauty and quality of the rug. Comparable rugs at other Atlanta rug stores were in the four to six thousand range. We paid a little over two.” 


"After extremely poor service, the hassle, and the sales pressure we felt in local rug stores. My wife and I did not want to shop in brick-and-mortar rug stores. But when looking for an area rug online, I could not find a rug with the quality I wanted and a price within my budget but anyway, we purchased a rug online and when we received it the colors looked much different than they did online, the rug didn’t match anything in our room. So we returned the rug right away but they charged us shipping costs and restocking fees. We continued our search for area rugs. When I heard from a friend about how great DRW was, a huge rug warehouse in Atlanta, and after about a month of researching this rug store, I convinced my wife to look for a rug at this rug store. She was hesitant but proceeded to choose a rug. I'm very happy that she did. She was very happy with their service and their no-hassle trial policy, and the quality and the price of the rug we purchased. Thank you for the wonderful service and great rug." 


"We, like others, did a lot of research before purchasing an item as expensive as an Oriental area rug. We first visited boutique stores but they had high stacks of rugs, which wasn’t easy to view. Also, they didn’t list any quality and price information on rugs. They only tell you the price when you ask and they never look it up before they tell you. We never felt that we could adequately assess the rug or compare it with rugs of different qualities. We heard very good things about Designer Rug Warehouse and they all turned out to be true; in addition to excellent customer service and exceptional value, every rug was priced clearly and hanging on the display racks. We really liked the concept of their trial policy and luckily didn't need to return it. Overall, we had a great experience." 


“I love their return policy (you can try their rugs on trial basis) price and customer service. they know how to make you feel special. even Thomas, the store manager was there to help. our sales person had very good decorating knowledge. so he knew what to recommend us based on our particular needs.”



“We were a bit skeptical about purchasing such an expensive rug at first DRW. But after about a month of researching DRW, we finally decided to make our rug purchase. When we went in to place our rug order, Ali actually found us a better rug for a lower price. It was a handmade, chocolate brown, 100% New Zealand wool rug and also vegetable dye. We bought it!!! Well, we ended up saving about $600 and purchased a better-quality rug. Everyone including our designer loves the rug. I would like to say DRW totally lived up to their reputation. We had a wonderful DRW experience. We will go back for more rugs.” 


“I was directed to your store by a friend who had also purchased a wool rug from you. I was quite impressed by what they bought and also very surprised at the price they paid. After a lot more research, I discovered that this is the best place to buy rugs in Atlanta. We chose our living room and bedroom rugs without our interior designer. But, she loves both of them! Some of my friends bought area rugs on the internet, but those rugs look very cheap to me and some other friends had paid ridiculously overpriced for similar quality rugs. The friendly service at DRW led me to recommend this store to many of our friends. They will definitely be buying rugs from DRW." 


"my cousin recently bought a new home and we had heard they purchased their area rugs from Designer Rug Warehouse in Atlanta. they were really happy with the service. one of the rug was too big and they took it back and they reordered it free of charge. the samething happened with us. I didn't measure our dining room correctly and ended up with a rug that was too big. I called them and we got the rug smaller by 2 feet and it is perfect. to make a long story short. we're very happy we went with Designer Rug Warehouse. You don’t deal with hassle and sales pressure at this rug store. However, I urge you to take their advice about rug size. They knew the rug we purchased was larger than what we needed!.. but anyways, just be patient with the rug selection process Otherwise, the rugs are easy to view in the store.." 


"We are pleased with all our recent rug purchases from DRW Rug Store. This company is great. The customer service was above and beyond what most of us experienced with many other rug dealers in Atlanta. Their sales staffs were customer friendly, we didn’t feel any sales pressure, and they provided all the information that was necessary for us to feel comfortable and confident with the rug purchase from them. The prices are very reasonable and with the large selection of contemporary rugs to choose from we’re sure everyone can find a good rug to suit their needs. Most importantly, the wool rugs we purchased were perfect. Our experience with this rug store was positive far beyond our expectations. Thank you." 


"The area rug was absolutely gorgeous, not to mention at a great price. Similar rugs in other Atlanta stores were around 50% more. Designer Rug Warehouse customer service was the best we have ever experienced. They were extremely helpful and friendly both with the purchase and with questions that we had after the sale. We will never buy a rug from another place." 


"We checked out several retail and online sites. We asked a friend who's been an interior designer for 20 years what we needed to do to get an area rug for our living room, we expected a long detailed answer, and she simply said, Designer Rug Warehouse. Ali helped us quickly narrow down the choices to what we wanted. No other stores we looked at came close to the ease and convenience to find a rug that fits our budget and is beautiful. We were truly astounded by the beautiful hues, and elegant and inspired design of the rug we chose. DRW made a difficult decision very simple -- even fun -- with its quality rug education, variety of contemporary rugs, and complimentary Interior Designer service." 


“The educational information posted on DRW s website was very useful, and we received exceptional advice and assistance from DRW s rug experts, who helped us decide the exact parameters we wanted for our dining room and living room rugs. We used their in-home service to select the "perfect" rug for our both rooms. They brought a few rugs on the day promised and when we saw the rugs in both rooms for the first time, Th rugs were much more beautiful than we imagined it would be. Needless to say, we were very happy with the service. We would recommend DRW to anyone, especially if it's your first time purchasing a valuable rug--the quality of assistance you will receive is outstanding.” 


"We walked into DRW a rug store in Atlanta late Friday afternoon. They sell all kinds of area rugs. Unlike some other Atlanta rug stores, prices are very competitive. For me (having been in the fine furniture business for 15+ years) it was more like a high-end rug warehouse, without the high prices, large variety in selection and sophisticated sales staff. They were just so darn vivacious and really know what they are talking about but most importantly how to treat their customers. Traditional rug stores’ salespeople follow the same old aggressive format. They are just trying to sell you something! They are pushy and make you feel like you are wasting their time. They are not out there to find you the right rug and the right price! At DRW we felt that the sales staff truly cared about our area rug needs. We highly recommend DRW." 


"What I liked the most about this place is that salespeople are not pushy. It’s not like most other rug stores where they make you feel like you are wasting their time. I don’t feel any pressure here and they are very polite. That’s why keep coming back to Designer Rug Warehouse." 


"I received the blue rug today that I had ordered last week- I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help. I will call you again soon for another rug that I will need for our bedroom! Talk to you soon." 


"Wow! What a rug! What a price! DRW you rock! We are extremely pleased with our area rug purchase - Thank You! So many great things could be said. Firstly, the price and quality of the rug were better than we found at any high-end department store. To anyone who feels reluctant to buying from Designer Rug Warehouse, have no fear They will take good care of you! But we recommend lots of research on rugs and a lot of shopping around first, but then go to DRW to save lots of $$$, but also one thing you cannot get in other Atlanta stores is a large selection of styles, colors, shapes and price range of the rugs. We are so glad we took our friend's advice and bought the dining room rug from you. She is an interior designer who has been working with you guys for a number of years, and continued to emphasize how great a company you are! We will be back for our living room rug next month. Again, thanks for everything."


"We followed all of the other positive reviews and were not disappointed. The people who helped us were very nice with no pressure. The store is grouped into different sections according to brand and budget. They import a lot of rugs themselves, and these were all of very nice quality and more attractively priced than the branded stuff they also had in the store. Great selection of runners and spot rugs. Some very nice furniture and wall hangings in the store also. I liked that everything was priced clearly; a lot of rug stores don't put a price on anything and only tell you the price when you ask--and you'll notice they almost never look it up before they tell you. We're also very happy with the pad they sold us, which they cut to size, even though they charge way too much for it--but everyone charges way too much for the pad; it's where they make back some of the discount they give you on the rug; just the way it works in the rug biz. This pad was better, IMO, than the pre-sized, pre-packaged ones they sell at the department store, which are also expensive for what you get. If you need a pad (recommended), just go ahead and get it from these guys; it's not worth driving all over town to find a bargain on the pad. We love the rug we purchased. Very nice quality. Don't be thrown off by the out-of-the-way location--it's worth the drive if you're shopping for a good rug at a good price." 


"We bought a handmade rug from the Designer Rug Warehouse store today. Everything we read about Designer Rug Warehouse was absolutely true. Their website is easy to use and very informative. The rug was wrong color, but returned and exchanged the rug with no problem. The area rug is absolutely beautiful and appraises almost 2 times as what we paid for it. Highly recommend them." 


"Like many others, we were a little hesitant to make such a large purchase at the first store we walk-in. Your website and store manager taught us everything we needed to know about buying an area rug. When we visited several other rug dealers in Atlanta, We were underwhelmed by the lack of selection, the low-quality rugs, and the prices. They seem to all sell low quality at high prices except Designer Rug Warehouse! So, that’s why we returned to Designer Rug Warehouse. We bought the perfect rug for our family room. It was exactly what we wanted, and anything comparable in the other rug outlets cost about 40% more. The service is excellent and friendly, and the rug was stunning and looks better in our house than in the store. We are extremely pleased with our experience with your company."


"Thanks so much for helping us select the perfect rug for our living room. It's a perfect match, affordable, and the quality speaks for itself! Your expertise is most appreciated, and we'll be back next year for another room."


"We were reluctant at first to buy Oriental rugs from the first store we walk in, especially since we don't know much about rugs. We saw that DRW had an awesome selection, easy-to-understand rug education, and a no-hassle trial policy. We figured we couldn't go wrong with that. Check it out, if you're not happy, just return it. Well, we’ve been customers for 2 years now, and let me tell you that we wouldn't even think of going anywhere else. We just purchased these rugs for our bedroom and bathroom, and we really liked them." 


"I have been shopping around to buy my very first Oriental/Persian rug, especially for something so expensive; I did my homework and felt fairly confident in my purchase. For the money, the area rug more than exceeded expectations, absolutely perfect. Customer service, as well, was top's nice to know that there are still rug companies out there that recognize the value of quality customer service; people remember that and will come back because of it. I've been spreading the good word to everyone I know about DRW because when you come across a company that's doing things the right way you want them to continue to be successful. Thank you for making my very first rug purchases special one!" 


"I have worked in high-end retail for over fifteen years and know what outstanding service is when I receive it and the service at Designer Rug Warehouse rivals the best stores. Furthermore, their selection is incredible and their prices are better than their competition. In the past, I would usually go to the ADAC with my decorator but after shopping with DRW I find it hard to go there when it's 50% LESS for the exact same quality rug. And it's not just me, one of my friends  who manages a high-end furniture store, just told me she bought a pair of rugs from DRW, and she even gets a discount at her store." 


"My wife was nervous about ordering a rug from a website unseen and I was concerned about dealing with pushy salespeople in a brick-and-mortar rug store. Anyhow, after reading an article in the Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine about this store, I started to browse their website, and immediately felt comfortable. DRW was the perfect option…. Frankly, we both enjoyed browsing through thousands of rug choices without the pressure of any salesperson. But when we did have a specific question on a particular rug, Thomas (Store Manager) did a fantastic job of answering the question -- he even helped us find a rug of superior quality at a cheaper price!!! We have told all of our friends that this is the place to buy from when they need rugs." 


"We had purchased two handmade rugs for our living room and study through Designer Rug Warehouse- it was our first area rug purchase experience-it will not be our last with Designer Rug warehouse, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience" 


"They don't have any needlepoint rugs but they recommended another store that carries needlepoint rugs. If you need cut pile rugs they have a huge selection of oriental and modern rugs below the market prices..." 


"We couldn't be more pleased with our rug buying experience at the Designer Rug Warehouse. We originally started our area rug search online. But you can’t see the true colors of those rugs. Later we shopped at various local rug stores, but the high-pressure sales tactics were not fun. Finally, we purchased our rug here. Even when some rug stores offered to take 70% - 80% off the retail price, we were still getting more for our money with Designer Rug Warehouse. The quality was great and we absolutely loved the rug! I am recommending Designer Rug Warehouse to all of my friends." 


"Good quality compared to other similar rugs we looked at elsewhere. They delivered it on Tuesday evening as promised. In the morning we noticed some stain on the rug then we called customer service, they gave us an immediate 10% price reduction for the inconvenience to us. And then, they replaced the rug, but in the end our interior designer didn't care for the look, so we returned it. The return was very easy. We'll continue to work with Designer Rug Warehouse." 


"First of all, rug prices are not shown online. Secondly, online rug selection is poor. Finally, I live in California. If I can’t shop online, I can’t just travel to Atlanta for a rug!!! You guys need to improve your website. That’s all." 


"I bought a rug that I saw on their website. The rug was absolutely gorgeous, but the thing that impressed me most about Designer Rug Warehouse was its customer service. I called several times for advice, all the way from learning about rugs, to matching our colors, to finally making the purchase and shipping the rug to Florida. Each and every time the lady I talked to was extremely friendly, helpful, and informative. It is by far the best customer service I have EVER witnessed. It was truly a pleasure to do business with them" 


"I went to every store in town and was very discouraged that no one had what I was looking for. My interior designer told me about the Rug Warehouse and asked me to take a look. I found the perfect rug there, it is stunning. I love the amount of information that's given about rugs - you don't get that anywhere else. I bought the wrong size and had to return it for exchange. I was very impressed with the service. They were extremely friendly, professional, and very helpful. I want to tell everyone about this rug store! I don't think I coulda found a better rug nor had a better experience anywhere else." 


"I am very pleased with the rug and color scheme I chose and purchased. The service and quality of information I received at Designer Rug Warehouse made the choice very easy. The value is outstanding as I was working with a very modest budget. I thought buying an area rug would be more stressful but Ali at this store made the whole process very smooth. I highly recommend them. I don't know if I could've gotten something as nice at such a good value anywhere else." 


"We had looked at some rug stores in locally and found nothing close to what we wanted. We were frustrated by salespeople trying to convince us that they knew better about what we wanted. We found Designer Rug Warehouse and the sales personnel to be very friendly, very knowledgeable, and very honest, within 10 minutes we have picked out exactly what we wanted for our living room. We loved the rug and we loved the price. We give DRW our highest recommendation." 


"First and foremost, I need to thank you and your company for your service! You guys got some really good deals (better than that retail rip-off stores). Thanks to your company, I can afford the rugs I needed." 


"I was somewhat apprehensive about buying an area rug because I had no idea how to shop for rugs, I spent a couple of years reading about and looking at rugs, comparing them, and learning as much as I could. The best source of information I found was Designer Rug Warehouse, whose low-key, almost chatty salesperson walked me through every aspect of the rug buying. I confirmed their suggestions with my own research-backed conclusions, and I consistently felt that Designer Rug Warehouse wasn't selling me a rug so much as consulting with me on my selection. The price, moreover, was at least 30% lower than anything else I could find, online or in stores, for comparable type or quality. The final selling point was the return policy. Well aware that my husband might not like my choice, I was comfortable buying from Designer Rug Warehouse knowing that I could return the rug." 


"A friend has recommended Designer Rug Warehouse to me. I needed an Area rug for my family room and was tired of shopping for rugs. I saw a rug at one of the local Oriental rug dealers’ showroom. I could buy a car instead. I just need a good quality and reasonable price rug, is it too much to ask? Designer Rug Warehouse is a top-notch rug store. It is true they sell area rugs cheaper than other rug stores. Their staff was straightforward and their rug quality is great." 


"We needed some good rugs for our new home. With a purchase of this importance, we were hesitant to make a decision at the first store we walk in. But after going to several rug stores and getting the car salesman routine over and over, I just felt like they were not being honest with us and that we were not getting what we were paying for. Some stores were not showing prices on the rugs - Not the case at Designer Rug Warehouse - full disclosure lets you know exactly what you are getting and what you are paying for. We decided to come back to Designer Rug Warehouse. We’ll definitely be back to purchase MORE rugs soon! Thank you, DRW." 


"This rug store is simply one of my favorites. If you're a savvy shopper like me, this is the place to go. They have almost any style of area rug whether they are antique or new. They have great customer service people that know what they are talking about. All prices are fair."


“I’ll agree with others & say they do have great prices but their custom rug service takes too long. A friend recommended this store because of the quality and cheap price but when we custom-ordered our rug, it took more than four months to get it. But I‘m pleased with their service and I liked the fact that they delivered it free of charge."


"I spoke to a lady on the phone who was very kind and knowledgeable. I asked for advice regarding the purchase of an area rug and explained my choices. She e-mailed me more rug images per my request and gave me honest feedback and then they brought the rugs I liked to my house for presentation. Everything went exactly as she said and when I saw the rug in my living room under my own natural lighting, it was beautiful!! I knew I had made the right decision. I would recommend Designer Rug Warehouse to anyone that asked for advice." 


"I struggled at first with buying something like a rug, especially handmade ones, without seeing them first. However, after visiting several rug stores and researching online it became clear the savings were more at Designer Rug Warehouse and there was no risk. Their people brought some rugs to our house for us to see which ones look better with our home décor. The rugs were amazing, the service was great and my wife absolutely loved the rugs. I was able to get better quality and a lower price than if I had purchased at any other place." 


"It was a great experience. We shopped ADAC first with our Interior Designer and found them to be overpriced with similar quality rugs. Many people assume that ADAC would carry better quality rugs cheaper. We even shopped the Department stores and Discount stores. I'm not just talking about the retailers in Town but also the wholesalers at Merchandise Mart. Your price and value cannot be beaten. I have since recommended Designer Rug Warehouse to all my friends." 


"I am so happy that I chose DRW rug store. The customer service was exceptional, and I appreciated being able to talk to the person who listens to me instead of talking to sell me anything. The Living Room rug and Dining Room rug were MUCH nicer than what I would have been able to buy for the same amount of money at a retail store (based on shopping in several retail stores). The delivery was free, and the price was as described on the Internet. Overall, it was a very positive experience, and I will recommend DRW to friends. Thanks!" 


"I just wanted to send you a note that I am very pleased with the rugs. They were better than they looked in your store, lively and cozy. You can see in my photo how thrilled I was and how well they matched my room decor. Thank you again!" 


"When I have two friends that tell me to go to the same rug store, I pay attention. They were right. Everything I feared as a rug shopper never came close to happening. Bought a large area rug and love it. I got great treatment. We need more rug dealers like this one." 


"We recently moved to Atlanta. I spent days scouring the internet trying to find a decent store to purchase an Area rug. Designer Rug Warehouse just so happened to be where I started my search with education on Area rugs. After looking for deals in other Atlanta stores and reputable businesses I ended up making my rug purchase at this store. If you’re looking for a combination of quality of rug and affordability Designer Rug Warehouse is the way to go. I would recommend this store to anybody in the market for a quality rug at below market prices." 


"I must accept the fact that rugs are confusing for me. Area rug, Oriental rug Persian rug, handmade rug, hand tufted, hand hooked, etc??? It’s frustrating... too many types and so many different qualities... And price ranges are available, and all look perfectly the same. I have been shopping so many rug stores, including Internet, for price and quality comparisons. It was very hard to make aI decision. But, this store educated me well about how to buy -the right rug- They have saved me time and money. At this store, we've purchased two rugs, and more will be needed in time. After the purchase, when I had questions, they responded promptly and thoroughly. Thank You Designer Rug Warehouse people! You've done a wonderful service." 


"We went to Atlanta for rug shopping last weekend.... We found some rugs we liked in other stores but either it was pricey or wasn’t available in the size we needed it. As we drove around, we found this rug warehouse accidentally, it was almost the end of the day but sales person spent 2-hour with us to find the right rug... in the right size.. at the lowest price…. Finally, we ended up buying more than one rug here. Because we spent less than what we expected…. Saleslady was very patient with us. She educated us on how to choose the right quality rug at the right price. Also, she was nice enough to recommend to us where to shop for good deals on furniture and fabrics. So, I promised her to refer this store to all my friends and family members… thank you all." 


"This is the second time, we bought two area rugs from the Designer Rug Warehouse and we are thrilled again. The staff was very helpful. They all remembered our names and the rugs we got for our Family and Dining room are the most gorgeous!! Our Interior Designer convinced us that they have the best prices in town and she was right!!"


"I've been shopping rug stores since last Christmas; your store was the first where I didn't feel intimidated. Most salespeople were just trying to sell me an expensive rug. I often felt pressured. However, in this store, I felt that the salesperson genuinely cared about my needs, I trusted her, who gave me honest facts about different types of rugs. Besides, I was pleased that she showed me a large chocolate rug for $1299 which was easily 50-60% below prices I had seen through other rug stores."


"When I tried a rug on approval, the color was off and it was very heavy for me to take it back by myself. So I simply call them to return the rug. When they came to pick it up, they brought back four more rugs to show me under my own lighting. Whata customer service and it didn't cost me a cent!"


"I was impressed by their custom-made rug service, especially when they custom matched the colors from my sofa at low price." 


"When I bought my very first home, I was very excited. I wanted to have my hardwood floors decorated with Persian rugs. But, I didn't think I could afford to buy handmade rugs. Especially after visiting some local rug stores, I felt I’d need thousands of dollars to buy a good rug… I asked a designer friend of mine in Atlanta, Beth, and she recommended this store very highly! Ultimately, I was surprised. What I found, there, was that the handmade rugs were incredibly inexpensive. I've purchased 2 room-size rugs from Rug & Home Warehouse for under $1000. I liked their approach to educating me to learn valuable facts about buying area rugs I'd never considered before. Ali's great!"- Brenda, Fort Wayne


"I usually don't take the time to write companies regarding their products but this time a response is fully in order. I bought an area rug yesterday and couldn't be more pleased. I am amazed you can produce such a high-quality rug at such a reasonable price. I have had many comments from our friends regarding the appearance and quality of the rug; I gave them your business card. As soon as my wife can decide which style she prefers, I will buy another rug for our bedroom. Best wishes." 


"After years of shopping the Mart, ADAC, and Discount Stores. I was delighted to find tremendous Customer Service and fabulous prices the Designer Rug Warehouse offered. Ali personally worked with us to find the perfect fit for each of our rooms at a price that was easily 50-60% below prices we had seen through our decorator or through Discount Rug stores. They have found a customer for life with us!!"


"Style and selection – all at a great price. Whether off the rack or custom-made, Designer Rug Warehouse shines. Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and competent. A terrific team."


"We chose Designer Rug Warehouse for its good range of prices which met every requirement we had for our client's needs. In addition, DRW rug store has easy rug viewing, up-to-date colors, and a great location. We will continue to utilize DRW's service and products for all future projects." 


"Thank you Ali for the intelligent staff whose knowledge of your product and amiability was instrumental in closing this sale. Thank you again. I will see you soon." 


"Thank you so much for such wonderful customer service! We visited many many Oriental/Persian rug stores and none did offer to make a rug to our specifications before you. Their design team was wonderful! They did a great job in helping us design our rug. They are friendly, fast, and meticulous, not to mention talented! Thank you one and all!"