Atlas 8048k

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The Atlas collection showcases a stunning inter-mixture of lustrous and matte yarns. The simplified textures in these tonal rugs layer harmoniously. The Atlas collection will illuminate your floor and give a cozy ambience to your interior. Machine-woven of nylon/polypropylene blend in the USA

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Atlas 8048k

Size : 1.10X3.2

Sku : 79561_Atlas8048k_11032

Atlas 8048k

Size : 2.3x8

Sku : 79562_Atlas8048k_238

Atlas 8048k

Size : 2.6x12

Sku : 79563_Atlas8048k_2612

Atlas 8048k

Size : 3.3x5.2

Sku : 79564_Atlas8048k_3352

Atlas 8048k

Size : 5.3x7.3

Sku : 79565_Atlas8048k_5373

Atlas 8048k

Size : 6.7x9.6

Sku : 79566_Atlas8048k_6796

Atlas 8048k

Size : 7.10x10.10

Sku : 79567_Atlas8048k_7101010

Atlas 8048k

Size : 8.6x11.7

Sku : 79568_Atlas8048k_86117

Atlas 8048k

Size : 7.10x7.10rnd

Sku : 79570_Atlas8048k_710710rnd

Atlas 8048k

Size : 10x13.2

Sku : 79569_Atlas8048k_10132


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Atlas 8048k

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