Latitude 2x

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he Latitude collection showcases sophisticated designs ranging from traditional tile and medallion patterns to simple modern borders and geometrics. Multi-colored yarns in neutral grays, accented by tones of deep navy and vibrant persimmon, add texture and a pop of color underfoot. Machine-woven of polypropylene, Latitude is easy to care for and can be used both indoors and out.

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Latitude 2x

Size : 1.10 x 7.6

Sku : 81187_Latitude 2x_11076

Latitude 2x

Size : 3.3 x 5

Sku : 81188_Latitude 2x_1335

Latitude 2x

Size : 5.3 x 7.3

Sku : 81189_Latitude 2x_5373

Latitude 2x

Size : 6.7 x 9.2

Sku : 81190_Latitude 2x_6792

Latitude 2x

Size : 7.10 x 10

Sku : 81191_Latitude 2x_71010

Latitude 2x

Size : 9.10 x 12.10

Sku : 81192_Latitude 2x_9101210

Latitude  2x

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Latitude 2x

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